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Businesses advised to use social media

webThe Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently published the results of a study which found that 60 per cent of respondents are already using social media or are planning to do so in the near future.

It revealed that 55 per cent of firms have not reduced their digital marketing budgets during the recession, while 39 per cent intend to spend more on this form of advertising. …read more

China tops ccTLD registries for Q3 2008

worlddomainnamesVerisign’s Third Quarter Domain Name Industry Brief included a table from Zooknic that showed .cn to be the most popular ccTLD, ahead of Germany’s .de and the United Kingdom’s .uk.

The Netherlands (.nl), the European Union (.eu) and Argentina (.ar) followed in positions four to six, ahead of Italy (.it), Brazil (.br), the United States (.us) and Australia (.au). …read more

Tennis Australia plays with domain ‘scalper’

Steven Deare, ZDNet Australia

ausopenUpdate Tennis Australia has admitted it paid a “hefty fee” to a scalper of the domain name kind in order to obtain the Web address it wanted as part of a rebranding campaign.

Australian tennis’s governing body this month launched as part of a marketing campaign. Speaking at the Australian Open yesterday, Tennis Australia CEO Steve Wood revealed the organisation purchased the domain name from a cyber-squatter after a couple of years of negotiations. …read more

Domain Names Growth trends for the past 3 years


  • China (CNNIC) is the lead contributor to such growth and immense size of domain name which is accumulated to 13,572,326 domain names registered and growing. (They broke the 14m mark this year).
  • Russia had the fastest growth rate of 11% quarterly , followed by DENIC by 12,448,242 domain names.
  • Argentina has about 1,767,273 as of Oct 08. (This is partially because domain name is fully subsidized by the government) …read more

Internet Users 2008


  • 1,463,632,361  The number of Internet users worldwide (June 2008).
  • 578,538,257  Internet users in Asia.
  • 384,633,765  Internet users in Europe.
  • 248,241,969  Internet users in North America.
  • 139,009,209  Internet users in Latin America/Caribbean.
  • 51,065,630  Internet users in Africa.
  • 41,939,200  Internet users in the Middle East.
  • 20,204,331  Internet users in Oceania/Australia.

Nationals register ‘Nathan Rees’ domain

By Matt Wordsworth

rees21The New South Wales National Party is under investigation for registering the website

The web is set to play its most prominent role yet in a New South Wales state election.

All parties have taken to it like never before and both leaders and most ministers have a presence on sites like twitter and Facebook. …read more

Vendor wanted ‘tens of thousands’ for Rees domain name!

reesThe boss of the New South Wales Labor Party says he rejected an offer to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars to secure the domain name

As the ABC revealed yesterday, the Nationals are under investigation for improperly registering the domain name.

The Nationals say at the time the Premier’s domain name was available, but the website had already been bought by the ALP. …read more