If you were to judge by the personalities on their team, Worldwide Brands would impress anybody. They have an impressive team with a bundle of credentials, but does the product match their abilities? Let’s See.

Worldwide Brands do not profess to be specifically dropshippers, but a general wholesaler that handles dropshipping, light and heavy wholesales, foreign imports and liquidation sales. In short, they handle just about any means by which wholesalers can purchase products for retail.

Worldwide Brands Products Allow You To Graduate to Wholesaler once your Product is a Hot Seller…

This provides customers with an advantage over dedicated dropshipping companies in that once you have found a product that sells continually well through dropshipping, you can purchase the same product from Worldwide Brands under their Bulk Wholesale program and buy your product at a fraction of the dropship costs.

If you then proceed to sell even more as your retail business expands, you can save even more by entering the Large Volume program. Not only that, but you can get instant one-off purchases of liquidation items that you can use to attract potential customers to your website or eBay Shop, and so introduce them to your regular items. The same is true of their occasional *Instant Import Buys* and though inexpensive, can be in demand products with high profit margins


* A great selection of goods at dropship prices, delivered to your customer for you.

* The option of switching to a bulk wholesale agreement with reduced prices…

* You can then switch to a volume wholesale agreement with even lower prices!

* You can get low cost liquidized stock to offer as ‘loss leaders’ and so generate more customers to your business.

* Occasional one-off imports of great products at low prices to offer to your regular customers at knock-down prices.

* A one time membership fee that lasts for life.

These arrangements are better than any dedicated dropshipper could offer to you, and it is no wonder that Worldwide Brands claims to be the only eBay Certified Wholesale Supplier Information Publisher. They offer services difficult to find elsewhere – if they are available elsewhere!


Their services are every bit as good as their products, and their team spends much of its time Researching Software that can make life that little bit easier for you. They go that extra yard to help you in your business.

* That is very important to some who do not have the time to do their own market research.

* They provide you with a 0% – 100% rating of how well any product you are searching for will sell online, so that you know where you stand before buying them.

* They tell you how many others are looking for the same products as you are online, and also how many others are selling them. You can then judge if it is worth your while selling the same products.

* They will also let you know what similar products to yours that are selling well, so that you can make a quick switch if necessary.

* You will be given a list of keywords that people are using to find the type of products that you are selling.

It is this Instant Market Research that you have at your fingertips that sets Worldwide Brands aside from their Competitors, and why they are recommended here to anybody looking for a company offering more than just dropshipping services.

Their OneSource Software allows you to file and organize all the data about your products, prices, customers and so on, and is updated every day with new suppliers and one-off offers from instant buys that you can use to attract customers.


Worldwide Brands offer a unique product that no other wholesale or dropshipping company offers. The one time fee of just under $300 might seem costly to some, but not if you are seriously involved in online retail sales, and it is such people with whom this company mainly does business. It is worth trying, and if you are a serious business person, you will not find them lacking in any aspects of ‘Online Auction Product Knowledge’

It is not a company for the odd eBay seller to use, but a Serious Retailer whose business is online retail selling. The product range is vast, the prices fantastic and the service unparalleled. That is about as much as anybody could say about any Online and Offline Dropshipping and Wholesale Company.